I originally went to Honduras to study Spanish and live with a wonderful homestay family for a week. I stayed two weeks. I fell in love with the family as well as the Honduran people and the children absolutely captivated me!

I came back to Seattle and after 3 months, sold most of my belongings and my car, gave up my music career and moved to Honduras to teach English.

Within 3 months I began to see how distressed the schools were in the neighboring villages and decided that I would commit my energies to raising money to building, supplying, and repairing village schools. Soon we found ourselves expanding into areas of health and emergency relief.

I feel so at “home” here, and so love my life. It has many challenges, but the love and great energy overrides all the difficulties.

We have been able to accomplish a lot in 10 years! Thank you so much to our wonderful supporters and the commitment of the local villagers! Sometimes I am overwhelmed with gratitude to have this incredible opportunity in my lifetime, of meeting and working with such wonderful people, and also to have the opportunity to learn so much from the local culture and the sweet people here in Honduras and Guatemala.

I also want to thank the volunteers and friends who continually stand by my side and offer guidance and comfort during the challenges that developing countries can bring.

This continues to be an amazing experience!!