In collaboration with donors and communities, PSS/Buenos Vecinos has…

  • Built 2 bridges to allow children to attend school during the rainy season
  • Constructed 11 schools
  • Created a regional library at Quebracho, including the construction of the building
  • Restored and repaired more than 40 schools
  • Co-built a school chicken farm
  • Supplied desks and furnishings including blackboards and shelves for approximately 75 schools
  • Supplied school supplies and uniforms for several hundred children, with extra support for orphans and children of single-parent households
  • Supported more than 70 students with scholarships to help pay for books, supplies, and tuition to secondary school (gr. 7 and up)
  • Constructed a school playground

In all, we have helped almost 80 community schools with some form of aid, repair, or construction.

Check out these Before and After pictures to see the type of work we do!

A very special thanks goes to the Good Neighbors Group to the North, in Maryland, for being constant supporters in the area of education, as well as partnering with us on many large and small projects in other areas.  Working with them reminds us daily of the importance of being good neighbors and good stewards of our resources!