High School Assistance:

In Copan, many of the families are subsistence farmers, and children must help. Many children don’t complete primary school, let alone go to high school. High school here costs about $350 per year per child. This is an incredible burden for families who make around $4 a day.

Our scholarships are set up as a general fund to be used for immediate unforeseen expenses, and as subsidies for tuition, books, and school costs.

hectorHector is a small guy, as you can see in this picture. He is actually 16 years old. He doesn’t eat every day, and the malnutrition has effected his growth. Coming up will be his second year of high school. He only needs a partial grant to complete the year. Hector’s mother gets up at 3 am to make breakfast before she goes to work in the fields. His father is hemiplegic due to a work accident. There are 5 kids in the house right now and not enough food. Hector walks an hour and a half to get to school, and studies at night by candlelight. He works when he can in the fields and is super eager to study and to succeed, but due to some malnutrition, it is a big effort for him. Hector’s older brother Carlos just graduated this year as part of our scholarship program.

helenHelen is a very bright, sparkly 16-year old girl with a rich Maya Chortí heritage who has an ambition to become a teacher in her own village. She lives an hour and a half’s walk from town in a house made of pieces of tin and cloth. She goes through 3 pairs of shoes a year from walking such long distances. She’s the oldest of nine children with a single mother and cares for her siblings, selling corn-husk dolls in town in her spare time. She has just completed her second year of high school with excellent grades.

Primary School Assistance:

Children are not allowed to go to school without a pencil and a notebook, which only costs about 60 cents, but is still out of reach for many families. We use some scholarship funds to help facilitate enrollment in public elementary schools.

Please contact us if you feel you can help. No contribution is too small!