School Supplies

CIMG3672Imagine trying to teach a class of 50 children how to read and write without pencils, paper, or books. Imagine trying to teach a class of kindergarteners about colors without a single crayon.

This is the situation in many rural Honduran schools.

Many teachers in these schools are not given money from the government to buy school supplies for their classrooms, and the ones that do receive very little; therefore, any money for materials or supplies needed to teach must often come out of the teacher’s pocket (who many times are living in poverty themselves).

Students are oftentimes not allowed to attend school without a notebook and pencil, which many families cannot afford to provide… especially in families with multiple school-age children. Just 60 cents can mean the difference between a child receiving an education or remaining illiterate!

Our organization began as “Project School Supplies” for this very reason, and for the past 6 years we have been able, thanks to generous supporters, to provide basic school supplies and teaching materials to many teachers and students who would otherwise go without. Even as we’ve expanded our projects to other areas such as health and nutrition, education continues to be one of our highest priorities!