Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Juan is the coordinator of construction projects and programs in Guatemala.   We are very fortunate to have his wonderful skills, ideas, and enthusiasm!


I wouldn’t have been in Honduras if it weren’t for Kristin. She is the one who introduced me to studying Spanish here for the first time, and I’m really grateful for her ongoing support in helping me make the big move to Honduras. Thanks to her encouragement and assistance we started the website and newsletter together, and she really has been, and continues to be, a tremendous support.


Jan is our fabulous “money lady.” She lives in Seattle and handles most of our donations and other transactions. She’s been with me since the start, and I’d be lost without her! She is a solid support in so many ways, we’re very lucky to have her as a volunteer!


Kim is our chief problem-solver and management consultant. She provides solid guidance, leadership, vision, management, and assistance in troubleshooting the cultural challenges we face living and working in a developing country. We are so fortunate to have her with us!


Amy worked with Buenos Vecinos in 2013-2014 after moving from the U.S. to Copán Ruinas.  She now lives in Tegucigalpa where she works as a teacher.  Amy creates and manages newsletters, as well as providing other website and technical support.


Yarely works hard coordinating projects in Copan Ruinas for Buenos Vecinos.  She tirelessly makes calls, arranges deliveries, meets with teachers, and runs other errands as needs arise… all in addition to working full-time teaching Spanish. Her education degree and skills as a teacher help us analyze the needs of the schools, teachers and education system so that we can provide better services.